Meta Portal


Crafting the first design system for Meta’s Portal, a family of video-calling devices

Meta’s Portal chose me to form and fashion its maiden operating system—my charge: design a warm, approachable ecosystem that emphasized the magic of Portal as effortlessly as it connected its users.

Meta has an advantage in the social sector because of its expansive portfolio of products and experiences. From my perspective, Portal represented a unique opportunity to bridge these services for billions of users who were already embedded in an ecosystem with vast potential.

As a Creative Producer, I defined and delivered a tailored, elastic operating system while cross-functionally art directing product team leads. My challenge was to design an OS that leaned into Meta’s futuristic positioning while simultaneously exceeding our users’ expectations of a powerful channel for connection and communication.   

I set the direction of Portal’s design system as part of Meta’s Reality Labs. In partnership with many cross-company partners, I developed new core components, new branches to the Meta Verse for integrations, and streamlined UX methodologies to bolster cohesion across functional-experience teams.

Collaborating with Portal’s design leadership, I was also on-boarded to every aspect of the Production Process of Meta Portal, allowing me to discern its weak points and develop solutions in response. Further work sessions with engineering leads led to innovative partnerships that tailored programs and operations, resulting in efficiency gains felt across teams including marketing, hardware, and devices, as well as service organizations like Facebook and Instagram.

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