Meta Portal

Brand System

Creating a warm experience journey for Meta’s Portal, a portable smart display

Meta’s Portal chose me to build and deliver a new brand system—my charge: evolve and elevate the creative direction of Portal’s product and app ecosystem.

As the advising design director, I refined Portal’s brand design while cross-functionally art directing product team leads.

Portal gained success by helping people easily connect with close friends and family, even if they were miles apart. As the product evolved, Meta understood the importance of also evolving the customer experience journey. Doing so would result in huge gains in the market and ensure Portal could deliver the most magical user experiences possible. From that perspective, I concentrated my teams’ efforts on materializing a simple but powerful truth: only a tailored and well-crafted symmetry of animations, color palettes, illustrations, and characters can define a successful brand system.

Through partnerships with marketing and our agency partners, I refined and documented resources; governed in-product branded animations; developed color palettes, typography, and illustrations; set and managed Portal’s art direction; and utilized first-party brand strategy to create a warm, friendly, and human visual system.

My leadership efforts also enabled cross-functional connections that supported successful product releases and brand updates across the Portal ecosystem.

Art Director
Brand Guardianship
Content Strategy
Creative Producer
Design Director
Project Lead
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Accessibility Development
Art Direction
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Brand Development
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